PR Services

For authors, publicity has become the most crucial factor in their success. With thousands of books being published each month, you need a publicist to make your book stand out from the rest. Book Publicity Services has helped hundreds of authors build their brand.
Their services include:
Book Reviews: Our goal is to get as many reviews as possible for your book. Over the years, we have compiled an extensive database of book reviewers worldwide. We will pitch your book to the reviewers that would be the best fit to read your book. Book reviews are published online, social media, in print, on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.
Media Outreach: We will pitch you to a variety of media outlets – from writers and reporters at your local newspapers and TV stations – to radio shows and podcasts. We will secure as much media attention as possible to create awareness of your book. We will coordinate feature articles, interviews, and book reviews via TV, radio, websites, magazines, newspapers, and blogs – internationally. 
Influencer Marketing: PR has changed drastically over the years. It’s all about social media now and the world of social media influencers is HUGE. We can place your book directly in the hands of influencers to reach your target audience. There’s an endless world of bloggers and social media influencers that we can collaborate with to promote your book. We will research and pitch you to the influencers that would be the best fit to reach your target audience.
We can offer reviewers, bloggers, media and influencers a complimentary copy of your book to read and share with their followers. There are lots of different options for collaborating with influencers that can have a major impact on your book and sales. We can coordinate giveaways, book reviews, Instagram features, and more. 
Having several influencers post about your book all at once can provide instant credibility (and sales). Keep in mind that bigger Instagram Influencers will charge a fee (anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand $), rightfully so, it takes time to try out your product and take the right photos. But each post, no matter how big or small the influencer is, is an opportunity to reach new followers, build your brand, and increase sales.
Speaking Engagements + Book Signings: We will contact your local libraries, bookstores, book clubs, and/or other organizations for potential speaking engagements / book signings and readings.
Press Release Distribution: We will write and distribute search engine optimized press releases to promote your book. For maximum exposure, we will distribute the press release to search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.), all major online news sites nationwide (Yahoo! News, ABC News, Star Tribune, Newsday, CNN, etc), and post it on top press release distribution sites.
Other: We are flexible and can create a PR campaign to meet your specific needs. Let us know if you need help with your website, Amazon page, creating your social media accounts, or whatever else.
Our services are affordable and effective. We have the contacts, relationships, and proven successful track record. We are passionate about books and we know what it takes to make your book stand out. What more could you possibly want? Get your PR campaign started today!