Margaritas To Move; Casa del Rio To Close

Margaritas Mexican Grill has a tentative opening date at their new busier Waukesha location of Tuesday, April 24.

After 11 years at its neighborhood location on Waukesha’s near south side, Mexican eatery Margaritas Mexican Grill is moving to a bigger location in a busier part of town.

Owner Abel Deloa confirmed Wednesday that he is in talks to move his business to the site of another longtime Mexican restaurant, Casa Del Rio, 408 E. Main St. Deloa said the plan is to be up in operation at the new location in early May, stating that the Casa Del Rio building, in addition to providing more space, was a better location.

Cara Spoto, a Freeman staff reporter reached Wednesday, Bobbie Reed, the general manager of Casa Del Rio, and a member of the Gonzalez family who first opened the restaurant 21 years ago, said her parents are retiring from the restaurant business due to health issues. The Gonzalez family opened the original Casa Del Rio in the mid-90s, later partnering with the Chacon family. The venture went well, but after several years of business, the family decided to take a break from the seven-days-a-week grind, and began leasing the property in 2013 to the group which would eventually open Casa Ole.

The family later reopened the business under its original name in January of last year.

Reed noted that one of the cooks at Margaritas used to work a Casa Del Rio.

“We want to thank all of our customers for supporting us this past year, and we are going to miss every one of you. We’ve enjoyed watching your families grow with us. Please stop in before the end of April to say goodbye,” Reed said Wednesday. “We ask that you welcome our dear friends from Margaritas Mexican Grill, and we hope you enjoy their food as much we do.”