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How to Transcend the Challenges facing Humanity

Creating Conscious Communities meaning coming into Higher Awareness!

In examining the potential of the Friendship Fellowship - we are at the forefront of a new movement, we are co-creating community and examining the potential for transformation.

Do you want to make an impact in your local community? Have you thought about running for political office? If you answered yes to these questions, then the “It Begins Here” Friendship Fellowship training program is for you!.

We are considering offering a national FF training program to create leaders in local communities willing to outreach, take the initiative and even run for elected office.

Make it Relevant

The Fellowship program, powered by the FF Coalition members, is geared towards anyone seriously considering running for elected office or taking the initiative to lead locally.

The Fellowship will be a year-long program designed to engage civically-minded citizens. The 12-core cohort will participate in workshops, capacity building training, discussions, and networking opportunities led by Coalition members, national partners and local experts.

"It Begins Here" Friendship Fellowship Application will open soon - stay tuned! Thank you for your interest!

Unique Position The Friendship Fellowship is in the unique position to bring together national thought-leaders including experts, elected officials, and activists in an all inclusive representation movement towards building greater awareness, Friendship and Fellowship in political leadership. Year-Long Program We are proposing over the course of 12 months, participants from a variety of communities will participate in workshops, capacity building trainings, discussions, and networking opportunities aimed at guiding and supporting them as they begin or further the path towards political leadership. National Network Of Partners Workshops will be powered by FF Coalition members, as well as national partners and local experts on topics ranging from fundraising and financing campaigns, public speaking and storytelling, selecting campaign staff, to managing personal finances.

Work Hard To Succeed The goal is to build the capacity of anyone willing to run and win positions of political leadership in order to have a more reflective government inclusive of "us all".

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