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Purposefully Designed for Corporations and College Campuses


END Smoking Clinics can come to your company work setting.  Our outreach program helps corporate or workplace employees to stop smoking with our fast results cutting edge HTL quit smoking program.


We can bring our quit smoking program and laser service directly to your workplace to treat employees on site.

Smoking in the workplace has always been a problem for employers. It decreases employee productivity and increases absences, thus resulting in lost revenue.

Take a look at these stats:


  • On average, smokers take 3.5 breaks a day to smoke.

  • Smoke breaks range from 5 to 15 minutes each, resulting in lost work time.

  • Smokers, on average, miss 6.16 days of work per year due to sickness (including smoking related acute and chronic conditions), compared to nonsmokers, who miss 3.86 days of work per year.

  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts a $3,391 price tag on each employee who smokes: $1,760 in lost productivity and $1,623 in excess medical expenditures.

  • The American Cancer Society reports that employees who smoke have an average insured payment for health care of $1,145, while nonsmoking employees average $762.26

  • Smoking breaks can cost employers as many as nine weeks of lost productivity annually (National Business Group on Health)


END Smoking Clinics has a wonderful solution for helping your employees to kick the habit. Our trained and HTL Certified Technicians can transport our mobile team to your workplace and treat your employees in a designated area of your facility.


The full condensed treatment takes approximately 30 minutes per person, but an additional 30 minutes should be allowed to fill out paperwork and provide individualized counseling.


Employers who make a one time minimal investment in there employees, will make back the cost of therapy within the first year. Compare that to what you directly pay out on average each year in healthcare costs, temps, training and new employees.


Call one of our specialists today to discuss plans to help your workforce become healthier, happier and more energetic.

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