Surveys of customers consistently show the need for better ways to score restaurant companies beyond only doing online food reviews.


Restaurant Raters identify restaurants by particular type, quality, and other factors by writing them up and using notations such as stars or other symbols, or numbers. Stars are a familiar and popular symbol, with scales of one to three, four or five stars most commonly used.


Ratings appear in guide books as well as in the media, typically in newspapers, lifestyle magazines and selected food blog websites.

Restaurant Raters can help increase interest and exposure to where to eat out tonight based on overall experience 'ratings' while at the same time we can also increase the amount of places where reviews are seen on different web pages, especially those on the top online review sites for restaurants, including Yelp, Google, Zagat, Zomato, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Foursquare. (These top websites host 96 percent of ratings.)  And we can also help restaurants with their PR.

More and better reviews = higher search rankings = better online reputation. That is where we come in to play & eat good food too!  

ReviewTrackers data shows that one-third of guests won’t eat at a restaurant with less than a 4-star rating.  Yet many restaurants have not yet been rated or have not been updated for months or years!

The Restaurant Raters Association (RRA) is a group of independent and often freelance food critics, restaurant reviewers and foodies who have come together to form our association that go beyond only doing a review.  We want to learn more what the restaurant is about and has to offer beyond just a particular menu item or food dish.  Raters tell us about the total experience, ambiance, customer service and we give your readers the inside scoop from restroom cleanliness to ease of parking to the wait time to get served among other details that help decide where your reader may dine tonight.   

The landscape is competitive for restaurants and that makes it all an opportunity for those who rate restaurants to help the industry out.

Ratings can help customers decide where to take family and friends.


Ratings done right, gives restaurants the ability to improve and also increase their positive visibility online, collect customer feedback, and outpace their competition  - all because you helped them out.

If you are not already a member, why not consider joining us today!

The RRA encourages support of food banks and charity efforts to feed the hungry and help the homeless. Many of our raters volunteer & work for these related causes.



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