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Bringing the global spiritual community together!


Position yourself as a new thought leader in our dimension of enlightenment education, and be the convening power behind groundbreaking new ideas and partnerships. As the media platform for the holistic community, SPIRIT STAGE can engage with your audience and stream live events and speaker videos to millions via live on different channels. We are a convener for expos and conferences, foundations, NGOs, idea implementers, and practitioners alike, building content and conversations around issues of interest, trends, and intelligence.


  • Work with Spirit College to produce unique educational experiences and talks to be launched at your event

  • Engage real  worldwide audience reach through sponsored content and videos to extend the buzz beyond the in-person event

  • Partner with speakers & storytellers to curate a thought-provoking event with live streaming content that builds your brand & tells your story.

  • Include highly targeted ad-reach packages for lead generation and increased visibility for your cause, reporting, audience or case study

SPIRIT STAGE LIVE events can amplify your organization’s messaging and highlight your leadership to the global spiritual community. As a media company, we work across our platforms to provide coverage, interactive content, and social media in order to extend the life of an event. Our events feature live talks, seminars and conversations about the numerous eclectic topics of interest to an audience of seekers and practitioners around the globe and we set the stage for a global dialogue on the future of life on our planet, positioning participating organizations as leaders addressing vital issues head-on.


SPIRIT STAGE LIVE will work with you to design, communicate, and execute flawless events. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to create an event that showcases your thought leadership and highlights your conference and organization’s work to better and grow our community.  For more information contact us here.

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