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Evolving Loving Conversations                     PROPOSAL


Everyone deserves to be seen and heard. I propose creating a Loving Conversations model that includes permission oriented agreements designed to help any person (particularly facilitators, counselors and other professionals) help relate and build the skills and opportunities to have better conversations–with your staff, clientele and their circles of loved ones, in communities, or in organizations everywhere~

The book proposes to include various dialogue design approaches that carefully can draw out personal experiences on all sorts of topics to help readers connect with people, even those you don’t agree with.  It certainly will be an undertaking to research, document and write all this chapter by chapter however, it is so worthwhile to reconnect people and community simply by having delightful loving conversations!

The Loving Conversations project intends on providing specific methods filled with case-study examples of breakthrough relationship reconnections, personal healing reconciliations between folks & groups that seemed previously irreconcilable. 


Training will be offered in the future years covering various potential outcomes including roadblocks and scenarios anticipating how to deal with unexpected and difficult circumstances. These exercises and roleplays can help you to navigate the ambiguity of not knowing what the response to questions might be.  Sometimes the hardest step is the first one, reaching out and getting started.  

What does a Loving Conversation really offer? 

When we talk about loving we also mean healing, it does not mean physical recovery as much as  as emotional, interpersonal, spiritual, and personal well-being through connection.  If the fundamental “dis-ease” toward life is separation or isolation, having loving conversations now can provide the tools to bridge connecting and revitalizing the relationship or quality of the conversation at hand profoundly more deeply. 


The project intends to evolve from this website into a book and certification trainings that give you the tools, approach and flow-through well tried and true examples that make it easier to take that first step towards having a delightful wonderful Loving Conversation - first things first!

Valuing meaningfulness:  Relatedness can be formed through the deep connection of our story particularly with elders and loved ones who are facing difficulties or end of life issues or wish to be remembered and appreciated for who they were and that their lives meant something.


The power of the positive:  Having breakthrough loving conversations develop from the cornerstone of Appreciative Inquiry – the notion that positively biased, open-ended questions are the best way to explore and to learn about one another.  This intentional positive focus aligns with Loving Conversations because it can deepen the relationship while minimizing defensiveness and judgment.

Centeredness: Loving Conversations as described in this book proposal focuses on raising consciousness, this level of personal introspection offers deep consideration for the conditions and situation of others involved in the conversation. Staying centered removes barriers to seeing another point of view while also remaining balanced and considerate of another position without ego - this also respects freedom of thought. 

The power of NOW is to get it started:  You never know until you give the time, attention & make the effort.  The Loving Conversation book and podcast project intends to provide proven, practical, applicable guidance for anyone to use immediately in creating their own LC experience. 


Within the future book you will find relevant  ideas, stories and examples of Loving Conversation 'fire-starters' to rekindle any relationship! The project has purpose and we are here to inspire ideas for your own conversations.  The most important thing, is start NOW, before it’s too late.

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