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About our work for Social Justice!

Public Hearing is dedicated to the advancement of education, racial and social justice, cultural literacy, leadership development and activism.

We are an NGO and a non-legislative body revolutionizing a new form of public hearing. It is usually held by teleconference, online (Hangouts) and generally an informal affair with all of the first presenters having their say and then hearing rebuttals. Speakers talk freely about their issues, concerns and are encouraged to clearly state their positions based on their experience.


While supervised by an independent board of directors, there are very few procedural rules for the conduct of our type of Public Hearing. Generally, notices are published in a newspaper and posted online or in press releases, etc. Since the purpose is to create public awareness and obtain open input, an effort should be made to get as much reaction as possible from as many people as possible. Therefore, the more people who know about your public hearing, the better. The open public hearing process we advocate for is most efficient when multiple copies of a clear and written proposal or complaint is widely distributed for open discussion.


U.S. Public Hearing is a new consumer protection and public activist organization (NGO), we work hard to expose what dark money, hidden industry practices and corrupt persons do not want you to know. Public Hearings provide the right platform for public outcries to be heard.


We research and communicate loudly on the failures or overlooked issues of the legal system.

We stand up for the right to know what is being done to protect the US public's interest.

We unearth the hidden practices and economy of online scams and other cyber crimes that are currently going unnoticed, unpunished and we push the issue forward loudly for reform.

We believe that transparency – in the marketplace and in politics – is crucial to building a better, healthier and fair system.

We believe that, together, we can create a marketplace that is honest and functions in the best interest of our children, families, other loved ones, communities and our nation.


You can help! If you have extra time, please volunteer.  If you have extra money, you can donate. If you are a whistleblower, or know of any scandals, send us your documents, and tell us confidentially what you know.  Contact us by clicking here.  Thank You.


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