About us


Our Slogan:     ~ Conscious Spirituality Unified ~


Our Purpose:  We are a new organization seeking to align in contemplative Oneness with spiritual and religious leaders who through caring choice come together in love, peace, harmony and gratitude for each other's company.

The World Clergy endorses membership participation from all paths and religions where the role is leadership and implies ethical guidance in applying inspiration, divine guidance and ancient wisdom towards solving current global social issues.


The World Clergy organization condemns unaddressed causes of suffering existing in the world from economic disparity, environmental abuses, sensationalism and political manipulation in the mass media, sexual discrimination and, especially, religiously fueled violence. We welcome a meeting of progressive minds and souls as we seek deeper connection with all religions: Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Bahais, Zoroastrians, Muslims, Indigenous practices, Ilks and new faiths through dialogue and participation with other world leaders. Together we are forging a new reality of equality

our program planners:
Alex Gordon

Projects Director


Eric Stone

Research Coordinator

Dianne Taylor

Director of the Women's Initiative

Jennifer Sorrell

Team Youth Director

Thomas D Williams

Lead Chair

Africa Outreach

Edna Doyle

Emissary & Membership Steward