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To Serve Each Other

Our Mission Statement:  ‘To help each other fulfill goals, aspirations and responsibility within the realm of spiritual service.

‘To lead those who follow by setting a good example of stewardship. ‘To use our shared ideas, resources and abilities to receive and utilize enlightened direction, wisdom. guidance and support for each others good work.

Our Comfort Statement: (Invitational)

Our support for Clergy and Ministries provides something for everyone. At any and every stage of life, there is a place to connect in community with one another, grow together in faith, and serve each other in love. Whether you’re new or have been providing religious and spiritual services for years, we challenge you to get involved and grow. We believe the pathway toward fulfillment of our principals of faith and duty towards personal growth is found by engaging in a consistent lifestyle of service and celebration of who we are, taking advantage of learning opportunities, inviting others on our journey, and reaching out to those in need with encouragement, support, and giving.  Together we can make a difference.  Join Us!

Leadership Training Preparation

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Women's Initiative

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Volunteer Groups

While there is no one type of ideal volunteer group, there are certain characteristics and ways of structuring group projects which can help to make it a success. In addition to your core group, you may also recruit volunteers to carry about specific roles and functions to support the delivery of your project. Volunteers can not only bring skills, enthusiasm and extra energy, but can help the project to be more inclusive, involving and representing the local community to a greater extent. For those who volunteer, the experience can be a rewarding one, enabling them to make new friends, develop their skills and unlock new opportunities. 

Youth Engagement

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Collaborative Ministry

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Pastoral & Fellow Clergy Support

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