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Original Papers Welcome!

The 2022 Therapy Awards Committee is interested in new papers including manuscripts, books and therapeutic guides and training offered at all levels of experience (senior, mid-career, and trainees) and all areas of practice (private practice, clinical faculty, full-time academics, and researchers). Unpublished papers and papers published within the last three years may be submitted by their authors. Papers published within the last three years may be nominated by any committee member including new authorship.

Instructions for Authors

  • No longer than 30 pages, double spaced;

  • Papers may be new, unpublished or published within the last 3 years;

  • A case or cases treated in psychodynamic psychotherapy modalities including the individual, family and group therapy or psychoanalysis;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the inner experience of the client;

  • Demonstrate the use of the doctor-patient relationship as a vehicle for change;

  • Report signs and symptoms to facilitate locating this case within the descriptive criteria of the DSM to allow comparison with reports and studies in the psychiatric literature; and

  • Include a focused literature review of pertinent, current related sources (child and adolescent as referenced example) psychiatric writings.

Submission Process

  • Deadline: September 24, 2022

  • Please send an electronic copy of your paper to the attention of the Awards REVIEW Committee, at

  • Good luck!

Do You Have Entry Questions?
Please direct all general inquiry questions to: 


All papers submitted by the deadline will have a first round review within one month (30 day scoring period).


According to AJA standards, judging criteria are rigorous since judges will read and pre-score all entry forms while considering any supporting materials submitted.

They may also be asked to give a score for each answer within the entry form. These will be combined to give an overall score to each entry. All judges’ pre-scores will then be combined, and the highest scoring entries will then determine the shortlist. Supporting information will be added to define the scores correctly so that no mistakes are made while defining the winners, especially if they are processed manually in full judging rounds.

Good Luck!

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2022 Therapy Awards

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2022 Therapy Awards

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