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The 2022 Therapy Awards Committee is interested in finding outstanding therapists and best-in-class practices that are delivered in various settings and in all levels of experience (senior, mid-career, and trainees) . Judges will consider all areas of practice (private practice, clinical faculty, full-time academics, and researchers). You must be first nominated in order to enter.

Hello individual therapists, styles of various practices of size & scope. 

We are looking for excellence in delivery of service, innovation, process results and those factors that make you standout in the realm of mental health and wellness.  Do you have what it takes to become a Therapy Awards winner?

Do you or your practice standout in any of these ares?

  • Successful Individual Accomplishment

  • Specialty Modality or Unique Mastery

  • Highest Marks for Client Satisfaction

  • Best in Class for Accessibility

  • Flexibility

  • Financial Value

  • Best Low-Cost

  • Best for Family Therapy

  • Best for Group Therapy  ETC

Do you put into practice excellence?
If so, consider yourself a candidate!

JUDGES & Criteria Panels:
Review Assigned Categories Open for Your Consideration.


  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Best for Depression

  • Couples & Relationships

  • Modalities & Techniques

  • Games, Role Play, Process, etc

  • Children, Teens & Adolescence

  • Peer Support

  • Families & New Parents

  • General Inclusiveness


  • LGBTQ+

  • Christians (and/or Spiritual)

  • Alternative New Therapies

  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse Services

  • Other (defined or argued for)

Additional Criteria Here

Couples Therapy

2022 Therapy Awards

The Therapy Awards program recognizes excellence in private practice and honors innovative approaches that successfully address prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of mental issues across a wide spectrum including helping all categories of adults, families, children and adolescents. Recognition as an awards winner serves as model to others in the community. This award may consist of a plaque, trophy or certificate as chosen by his or her category or choice of prize. Nomination letters must be accompanied by a CV and any support materials for the individual or organization nominated. The winners will also be recognized online and presented as a recipient in a national on-going (PR) public relations media campaign.

Group therapy
Teacher in Classroom


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*You must be first nominated to be eligible to enter the Therapy Awards!

Honoring Who You Are

A Supportive Hug
Business Meeting
Healthcare Worker with Patient
Young Businesswomen
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