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The Podcast Channel can help you manage and monetize your show with expert ease

Today, 60% of Americans listen to online radio weekly, with 23% listening to smart speakers and 22% listening to podcasts. Whether they are listening to purely digital audio or online content that was originally broadcasted, audiences want content wherever they are at whatever time they choose.  We can help host 3P: Produce, Place & Promote your podcast program!  

The Podcast Channel (upcoming launch) plans to help podcasters of all stripes streamline operations with one, integrated platform. Expert engineers can produce content for you and our end-to-end linear and digital functionality eases industry pain points and can help find new listeners to drive your podcast business forward in today’s converging media landscape.

   Why not arrange a complimentary call with our team to discuss your dream show ideas and let us help you drive it.


       If you have made it this far, then you've decided to start a podcast, congrats! Now what?

                We can help you every step along the way

  1. Define your program topics: what is your podcast about and who it appeals to

  2. Schedule Time Windows. We suggest to always record two shows back-to-back. ...

  3. Book & Confirm Your Guests. ...

  4. Pitch the Show (to Guests & Sponsors)

  5. Create Teasers and Pre-Promote the Show. ...

  6. Send Pre-Show Notes and Review Questions. ...

  7. Record the Show. ...

  8. Edit the Show.

  9. Post the Show (iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc)

  10. Promote the show and get listener feedback           (rinse repeat)                 

  1. Choosing a Fantastic Topic. ...

  2. Pick A Co-host (optional) ...

  3. Choose A Name. ...

  4. Show Format. ...

  5. Create Cover Art. ...

  6. Get A Professional Intro (Optional) ...

  7. Choose Intro Music. ...

  8. Get A Microphone.

  9. Book a Time to Talk to Us

  10. Have us Help You Create Your Show

If you are new to podcasting start by

Party Chicken



HERE at the Podcast Channel we are more than a hosting channel for the world's greatest new podcast content...  we're top A+ producers looking for hot new talent.



Envision yourself as a podcast producer or zoom talk show host

We can make it happen.  Investors take note!  Imagine 1000s of paying shows on a platform hosting the best of the best new content and the advertising agencies wanting to place clients on these shows.  Sponsored content, paid projects, ads and more -- whats not to love about the new PODCAST CHANNEL?

HELP US LAUNCH - Player Site Available Soon January 2024

Keyboard and Mouse


MIKE 'Commander' R


New Berlin | Wisconsin

Nicky Robbins


Los Angeles | California

Carolyn Perkins

Manhattan | New York

Rock'n Stomp'n

Seattle | Washington

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