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Program Production + 
- Development / Imaging
- Recording / Voice-Over
- Editing / Effects / Etc
- Thematic Transitions
- Multiple Placement (SEO)
- Promotion and PR 


The Podcast Channel will be offering the the most complete distribution service that includes publishing your podcast into a list of all top podcast directories you should be using.

The most impactful way to grow a wide audience is to list a podcast across every essential podcast directory. From podcast aggregators big and large, your show should be available anywhere people consume podcasts.

There are a lot of resources out there that list directories that you have to bother accessing and uploading step by step. But we’re taking it a step further. Instead of detailing 15-20 podcasting directories, we are systemizing an automated process to help our podcast programs place into a whooping 28 directories at the same time!

To get started, all you’ll need is have your podcast hosted with us and we will make your RSS feed enabling you submit all your show information to each aggregator, just once. After that, every podcast directory will update automatically each time you publish a new episode.


For listeners, a podcast directory is one way to discover and consume podcast episodes. Directories are typically categorized alphabetically or by genre to aid in discovering new shows.



According to Chartable, two of the most popular listening platforms are Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  We're next!  

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For a limited time, for those just starting off we can expertly produce your podcast and get it launched in coordination with our premiere.  You can get your show 100% professionally produced by Studio Podcasts for a one time fee of $3,500 where we will get your teaser sample show episodes produced and get... 3 months of additional weekly episode work done.

This is a limited time offer for our launch.


For a few hundred dollars more we can get you (optional add-on services) like:

  • Professionally Done Cover Art Graphics - Often a show's cover art is the reason a listeners clicks on your show. Make a stellar first impression by having our professional graphic designers create your cover photo! (Includes 2 revisions)

  • Professionally Edited Intro & Outro- Capture your listener with a professional sounding intro to start off your episode. Our team will mix your audio set it to your brand's music to really 'wow' your audience. You'll use this intro & outro over and over again to sandwich your value-packed episodes.

  • Your choice of branding music is included!  We have access to custom produced or A.I. generated music where there are no copyright issues or ongoing fees for your forever usage.

  • Trailer Episode - Build up the hype with a perfectly crafted and perfectly sounding teaser episode. Our team will take out your 'uhms', 'ahs' and 'likes' so you don't have to edit a thing and they'll set it to your choice of brand's music. Use this clip not only during your launch process but also to send to future guests.

  • Publicity Outreach Sheet - Getting on shows has never been so easy. With this expertly crafted one-sheet, you'll be on shows in no time. From your answers, our team will draw up a sleek publicity sheet for you, on brand. 

Microphone Sound Editing
Done For You Production Team
ready to help make
you our next pod star!

The Podcast Channel is proud to soon offer our in-house production services and an alliance of studio networks avail all over the world to help you create YOUR perfect


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