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With the popularity of podcasts around the world, you’ll notice many of them are part of podcast networks. There are many benefits for offering a 'one stop' place for program content and advantages for collaborating among our fellow podcasters.

If you’re thinking about investing or joining us, it’s important to understand how this can work for you, what benefits we offer, and what drawbacks you’ll have to endure. In this section, we’ll explore everything you need to know about what we're up to. 

Why invest in the

 Podcast Channel?

PodcastOne (which is a successful podcast network and potential model competitor lol) has a great definition:

“,,,a collection of podcasts produced, distributed or made available to advertisers through a single company, or network.”

In other words, the Podcast Channel also intends to become an umbrella company that allows selected individual shows join us to take advantage of certain benefits, especially when it comes to promotion, production services and coop advertising.


While some networks stick to limited themes like news or crime dramas we plan to be more open with various channel offers. 

Originally podcast networks were created to market and monetize podcasts, but they’ve evolved to much more over time. 

Which begs the question why us?  The Podcast Channel opens up the next generation of podcast possibilities --- read on...

You see, podcasts had a discoverability problem in the late 90s and early 2000s.  They weren’t mainstream at the time. Podcast directories didn’t exist either yet and search engines weren’t capable of exploring audio content.  Podcast networks were built to solve this problem. Their goals are to market shows to increase listenership and create a big pool for advertisers to buy ads.


Most networks want to profit as well, so they take a portion of the ad revenue. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the podcaster and the network where both sides can succeed. What's been missing is a full service open access operation...

Benefits of Joining us

Here are some of the unique benefits we offer listeners, hosts, producers and investors.  There is plenty of value in using the services of the Podcast Channel.  As program producers and promoters ourselves with a background in production and other audio mediums we can provide a number of advantages for anyone considering hosting or producing their program with us.

Keep in mind, however, that as we launch and grow different needs and services will require attention as required for our start-up.  Meanwhile, we plan to offer individualized services as well as package deals for program production, placement and PR or promotion.  We call it the Three Ps (3Ps) which we think are super essential and make for a promising future for podcasting.

Production help

The Podcast Channel wants you to produce the best show possible, so we are happy to offer production assistance. This help might be as simple as advice from our experienced team, fellow podcasters, or you may want to get professional robust help with editing services from our producers. We can also help find guests, do music cuts, curate digital assets, or host coaching. 

Increased marketing and exposure

The Podcast Channel will offer marketing tools and services to help you gain exposure and attract more listeners.. We can also set up cross-promotions between members of the network so you can share listeners between audiences. This is an attractive benefit for podcasts that are just launching or for those who don’t have the time or know-how to market their own show.

Increased listenership

Each show doing their own marketing means more listeners for everybody. Imagine the collective impact! This is the BEST TIME to get into the action with our upcoming Beta-Launch!  Most importantly, these listeners who find your show on our network will be likely to follow you even if you decide one day to leave the Podcast Channel.  Unlike other podcast companies -- we let you own your own content and show materials -- we're just here to help you succeed and grow your audience!

More ad revenue

For one, you can start earning some ad revenue with our Podcast Channel earlier than you could on your own because once we get going our ad agency plans to “pool” download numbers together to lock in sponsorships. You may not earn much, every little bit helps you produce a better show.  Quality production of your show will help you attract ad revenue!

As your listenership grows on our Podcast Channel, so will your income potential, which allows you to reinvest into the show faster, thus grow even faster.  It's a real opportunity so consider producing or hosting your show with us as profit partners!

Networking and channel connections

THINK ABOUT IT....   The Podcast Channel will become like an exclusive club for super hosts and podcasters, which makes our launch the perfect place to be when it happens.  This is your opportunity to meet experienced and successful people in the industry. These connections can help you succeed in so many ways and aid you on your path of becoming a media influencer!

Less work finding followers, investors and future sponsors

The Podcast Channel is going to be talked about as we lead the trend.  This will bring attention of every V I P interested in podcasting from celebrities, influencers, loyal listeners and of course potential advertising driving revenue for your program! Our channel will work with ad agencies who can do the legwork for you to find sponsors. You just read the ad copy you’re given or slice in the ad audio files sent to you. This lets you put all of your energy into producing and marketing your show. 

Credibility by association

By associating yourself with other quality shows, you gain credibility and authority. People assume your show has value because you are part of a well-liked, trusted brand which the Podcast Channel is destined to become along with your meteoric rise to popularity! A listener might say, “I love the shows on the Podcast Channel so I’m going to try this one.”  YOURS? 

VC funding

Our plan is to have investors check us out and this might enable access to venture capital money. VCs don’t want to invest in individual shows because that’s a lot of work that eats into their profits, but they’re often willing to invest in networks that let them invest at scale.  Don't you think the Podcast Channel would be a likely consideration with what we are about to launch?

Real People & Professional Producers Here to Help

The Podcast Channel plans to utilize our funding to offer support to our founding members, some select shows will have dedicated producers, editing services, paid search, bonus program placement or social media ads, etc. 

Partnerships in other industries

Our intention is to build partnerships with complimentary industries. For instance, in the future the Podcast Channel may get featured in a series of news events or have a deal with a book publisher to help some of our podcast hosts become authors. Or a partner ad agency might have a deal with a network of websites to display banner ads. The options are endless here. 

Advertising & Promotion (optional)

Once you are accepted & join our Podcast Channel, you will be part of our network and you will gain access to our agency

marketing and advertising machine. We can cross-promote you across all of our other podcasts and help you out with all of your digital marketing activities. Some networks have in-house teams of copywriters, designers, automation specialists, etc. 

Most importantly, the Podcast Channel plans on using a vast array of advertising connections to include your program and if it is a good fit for having ads in your show. In some deals you the podcaster gets 70% of the ad revenue. The network takes 30%.

Podcast advertising networks usually use the CPM model of podcast advertising, which pays a flat rate per 1,000 impressions.

Ads are typically placed at three different points within the episode. 

  • Pre-roll ads (before the episode) usually last 20-30 seconds. 

  • Mid-roll ads (in the middle of the episode) usually last 60 seconds. 

  • Post-roll ads (at the end of the episode) usually last 10-20 seconds. 

Mid-roll ads pay the most because the user can’t easily skip over them. Pre-roll and post-roll ads pay about the same. 

Let’s say you get 4,000 downloads and charge $7 for a pre-roll ad, $13 for a mid-roll, and $5 for a post-roll ad. $25 for ads times 4,000 downloads comes out to $100 for the episode. The podcast network takes 30%, so you walk away with $70. 

Is that 30% fee worth it? That depends on the exact wording of the agreement you sign with the network.

Make sure you understand the entire deal before signing anything. 

It also depends on whether you think you can get advertisers on your own. If you’re willing to put in the work to find sponsors, there’s no reason to pay us or our agency any finder's fee. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle or if you think your show isn’t big enough to find sponsors without our channel partner’s help, 30% may be a fair price for our effort and work. 

Ad-free podcast options

Not all podcasters want ads and we respect that. Some shows don’t get enough listeners enabling them to have advertising at all. Some shows are run by not-for-profts and there might be a conflict for us to cross-promote and help them find advertisers.

We won't force you to take advertising and there are no hidden expectations or fees for not doing anything but hosting here.

For now, since we are in the pre-launch stage we don’t handle at the moment any sort of advertising at all.  Its the future plan we are considering as we hook up with ad agencies, broadcast mediums and networks where we expect this to all change!

For some shows for whatever reason don't want ads or you may simply want to connect your RSS feed to our channel and have it on our website. No ads are inserted, your artwork is displayed, and all download stats are included in whatever hosting package you use.  You’ll still have to fill out an application, but once approved, there aren’t any hoops to jump through. 

What will it take to  become part of our Podcast Channel

Lets be honest -- for our exponential future growth our Podcast Channel will want to promote big shows with lots of influence.

Popular shows will bring in the most ad revenue, naturally, which is good for the expansion of our audience and networks. 

We expect our promoted podcasts to publish at least one episode post per week and to get at least 1,000 downloads per week (or 5,000/month). We also require you to participate in mandatory cross promotions with other shows in the network. 

That said, the most popular podcast networks set the bar much higher. Some require 50,000 downloads per episode before they’ll even negotiate with you. Requirements can vary as we grow, so you’ll need to reach out to us to find out more. 

Does this mean smaller shows can’t join our fledgling new Podcast Channel? No, not at all, but they’ll have a harder time striking  good deal with us in the future after we blast outta here into the stratospheres.  Right now is the best time to join us whether you are an experienced podcaster or a newbie. 

Lets support one anther and watch how our popularity grows.


In fact, there is something novel working with us now as we are in our launch phase.  You can imagine how you can become a popular podcast working with us as we start off as well as one of first line-up of shows!  In that way, its a great opportunity because right now, the Podcast Channel has a bet placed on your future popularity so we prefer small, up-and-coming shows. 

If our future vision and launch plan fits with yours - contact us and lets connect sooner than later (O;

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