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October 2023

Learn how to become the Master of Social Media with our inside master class just for our insider members!



November 2023

Find out how to dominate the charts and grow a fantastic following just using ZOOM and hosting right here!



August 2023

Thought about starting a podcast but don't know how?  Join us for a FREE training webinar on HOSTING!

Ready for




September 2023

Get the insights on how you can create a life-changing income with podcasting and how it all can work!


Coming Soon

Stay Tuned


We're Here to Help Make Your Program POP!



Your Audio Content Choice for Entertainment


Whether or not you're new to podcasting or want to take your podcast to the next level, we're here to help you reach ultimate success!

FALL 2023

Schedule a complimentary session with one of our highly acclaimed producers and we'll help you format your ideas into a workable show solution.  Contact us!


What does it Take to Get Your own Talk Show off the Ground?

Are you talking to walls wondering what you should do?  Well, why not instead

choose to host or create your very own podcast program?  Your show could be the NEXT THING, your ticket to success and we would love nothing better than to help you achieve your podcast dream.

We have the facilities and technology to help get your program off the ground and into the ears of thousands of fans!

Contact us Today!


Will Your Podcast Be Part of New Fall Line-Up for our Launch?

Join us for our spring show auditions as we line-up of new programs for our launch.  


We can also include you in our show of shows Brand New Podcasts that reviews programs everyone needs to know about. 

Will we get to announce you to the world? 

This is your opportunity to GET IN the podcast production groove and we are here to help you get started.  JOIN US

Talk directly to us in confidence about structuring your podcast program.  We can help you create a professionally produced program that all can admire.

Can You Imagine Yourself Hosting Your Own Podcast?

A Man and a woman participating in a rad

Even if you have never talked into a mic or to an audience before & have a deep fear of public speaking - we have a real proven method to get you focused and confident that you can do this.  All you have to is contact us and we can arrange a completely free call to discuss what it takes to host your own popular podcast and what we can do to help you launch and manage it.  All it takes is a call so book a time to talk to us!

Word of Mouth

I'm totally new at everything and found the support at the Podcast Channel exactly what I needed to get started.  Best decision to get ahead ever!

Lauren Gillian

San Francisco | USA

If you have ever considered starting a podcast and hosting your own show you will not find more professional friendly help at making it a reality!

Ben Ronson

Paris | France

The Podcast Channel is a great idea enabling me to place my show among other rising stars and sharing traffic.

Tim Barrel, Producer

The Great Courses

Sometimes you need a coach or a professional podcast producer to get your program ideas into gear.  You found it!

Donna Tzuker

Hamburg | Germany

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